We software because we care!
Since 2002.


We are one of those companies concerned with having great java developers to deliver tailor-made software solutions.


Producing on-demand software is synonym with having an unique approach followed by a unique team of packagers.

Cloud Computing

Knowing that a rainbow can appear only after it rains, we build the clouds and this way the clients can see rainbows faster.


We have an appetite for searching and researching and developing our own improved working environments.

Our Culture.

We love innovation. Every day. The projects we have are an example.
We breathe inspiration. In every way. Our team is a living proof.
We stand for each other and take the human way. Just like in a normal family.
We help new generations. In many ways. Our CSR campaigns in academic environments proved that we have to continue our mission and invest in students.
We learn from experiences. As much as we can. And this makes us to move forward.
We share our knowledge. Anytime we can. And we are happy to do so.
We build long-lasting friendships. And this is how we will continue to achieve outstanding results.

Our Vision.

We are providing learning opportunities and educational resources to our staff. We ensure that each member of the team is fully prepared to overcome new challenges in each project regardless of the country where the technology was invented.
At the heart of our skills are thousands of applications used by well-known brands in Europe. The total number of hours spent only on advising our clients regarding their international projects exceeds 28 years while the other members of our team are continuously involved in building and repackaging as well in providing support services in European languages. We have a special interest to pursue professional and personal development of each employee and these particular aspects imply many hours spent daily for recruiting best candidates and provision of training. Also, our talent sourcing team goes beyond job boards and reaches out universities, places from where we carefully select best candidates to join our internship program and eventually our team.
Due to our uninterrupted work and researches we are able to deliver a unique approach for each challenge. Our knowledge base in various technologies, platforms and software management systems allows us to complete special assignments for packaging and virtualization processes.
Our way in business relies on integrity, responsibility and ethical conduct. We provide services considering at first professional regulations, customary practice for software development industry as well as legislation in force. This is the foundation for all our achievements and our commitment as we continue to deliver our passion for technology in an environment where the ethical mindset is an intrinsic asset for each member of our team.

A more technical approach to packaging and virtualization processes

Do you know how much time and effort your IT department spends on handling software-related nightmares, wrong installations, bad configurations, missing permissions, dll hell and so on? The answer is a lot, and you do know that time is money.

Are you looking for a way out of this?

We can provide you with two options: application packaging and software virtualization. All the nightmares go away and each application is tailored according to your needs.

Let us give you a brief overview of the whole process, in three simple steps. First, you create a request for a package. It should contain the sources and instructions on how to install and configure the application. Second, our ‘wizards’ do their magic. To do so, they use the APP-V Sequencer, Admin Studio, Wise for Windows Installer, Orca, VBScript, WiseScript and all kinds of system monitoring tools. Third, the packages are distributed across the network with the aid of the SCCM servers. Yes, we can handle that too.

Our team counts over 60 highly skilled professionals that delivered over 300.000 consultancy hours in software packaging and virtualization. Since 2002, we solved nightmares all over the world, from Seattle to Dubai, from London to Munich.

We package because we care.

The Principle

From the software packaging point of view we can classify the applications in three categories. We have legacy applications...

The Environment

In the development process we use two virtual machines, one for snapshots (we will come back to that) and the other for testing...

The Process

For legacy setups the package must be created from scratch. The first step is to create an initial snapshot of the operating system...

Want to join us in our endeavours?

Java Software Developer

As passionate member of our team you shall put your magic in practice for complex application development. We would be happy if you have over two years using Java Enterprise and Eclipse IDE. We appreciate also extensive knowledge of Servlets & JSPs, JavaScript and ANSI SQL, familiarity with Agile and foreign languages.

System and Networking Engineer

Being the person responsible for sustaining needs for system and networking is a great responsibility that implies extensive experience with Microsoft Windows Server or Linux. The knowledge acquired concerning networking protocols, back-up software and WebSphere Application Server might be of real help on day to day tasks.

Cloud computing Engineer

Clouding is a dream that came true as administrators of Linux and Windows showed their skills in using VWWare or simillar technologies. To continue, besides meeting requirements specified before, you will need also excellent scripting languages for Windows Server or Linux but also scripting skills for Oracle or DB/2.

Technical Support Specialist

We need you in our team to assist end-users with regard to top technologies using English, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Dutch or Portuguese. For this you need to have IT background, strong communication skills and prove that you are a great teamplayer and experienced in troubleshooting.

Let’s keep in touch!

Phone : +40 / 21 313 3930
Email : office-AT-aquasoft-DOT-ro
No. 9, Ciprian Porumbescu
Sector 1, 010651, Bucharest

Chosen Skills

  • Beginner

    You are just starting to explore this skill.

  • Familiar

    You have basic knowledge of this skill, but plenty of room to learn more.

  • Proficient

    You are comfortable using this skill in routine ways.

  • Expert

    You are ahead of the pack and are fluent in this skill and its latest developments.

  • Master

    You are a pro and know this skill inside and out.

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