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We are a premier global supplier of Application Repackaging services. With more than quarter million serviced consultancy hours in application repackaging, and way over ten thousand repackaged software applications our team masters a vast array of knowledge in various technologies, platforms and software management systems.

A more technical approach to packaging and virtualization processes

Do you know how much time and effort your IT department spends on handling software-related nightmares, wrong installations, bad configurations, missing permissions, dll hell and so on? The answer is a lot, and you do know that time is money.

Are you looking for a way out of this?

We can provide you with two options: application packaging and software virtualization. Each application is tailored according to your needs. All the nightmares go away.

Here is the whole process, in three simple steps. First, you create a package request. It should contain the sources and installation and application configuration instructions. Second, we use various tools from different vendors (APP-V Sequencer, Admin Studio, Wise for Windows Installer, Orca), also all kinds of system monitoring tools to capture the installation process. Third, the packages are distributed across the network with software management tools (SCCM, Matrix 32, others).

Our team counts over 50 highly skilled professionals who delivered over 500 thousand consultancy hours in software packaging and virtualization. Since 2002, we solved nightmares all over the world, from Seattle to Guatemala, from London to Munich.

And also, we package because we care: about your costs, about your peace of mind, and definitely about getting the most out of technology.

The Principle

From the software packaging point of view we can classify the applications in three categories. We have legacy applications...

The Environment

In the development process we use two virtual machines, one for snapshots (we will come back to that) and the other for testing...

The Process

For legacy setups the package must be created from scratch. The first step is to create an initial snapshot of the operating system...

What we master. Programming.

Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, IBM Rational, IBM WebSphere, xCode, Cocos, .Net Framework all versions, NetBeans, jBuilder, IBM Portal, IBM Process Server.
Java, J2EE, J2ME, JSF, JSP, EJB, JDBC, jUnit, AJAX, Swing, XML, XSL, SpringSource, Hibernate, SOA, jBoss, GlassFish, WebOrb, Flex, Silverlight, Blaze DS, LifeCycle DS, C#, C++, C, Objective C, VB.Net, Visual Basic, .Net programming, JavaScript, VBS, korn, bash, Perl, Python, PHP, Pascal, Lisp, Prolog, Assembler Professional Software Testing, Lotus, WebServices, VSS, CVS, SVN, Maximo Asset Management, Tivoli Storage Manager, Tivoli Total Storage Productivity Center
DB/2, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL, ETL Tools, PL/SQL, SQL, IBM DataStage
AIX, Solaris, Windows, Linux, MacOS. Everybody in AQUASoft have a very good command of English, majority have excellent skills in French. Many of them have very good skills of German, Italian, or Spanish, and other languages (Greek, Hebrew, Turkish).

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Areas in which we hire

Cloud Computing, System Administration, Network Administration, Software Packaging, Software Development, Software Testing, Quality Assurance, Technical Support, Database Administration and Development

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